Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Old Sayings Ring True When it Comes to Fluffy’s Care!

Because we, as a society, LOVE good news with easier and more affordable ways to accomplish our tasks, and we have an innate tendency to focus on the positive and believe what we are told, we can be easily persuaded by clever marketing campaigns. The American pet industry is no different. Our pets have transitioned into full fledged family members and we are targeted with new ways to get what we want cheaper and faster.

“Buyer beware!”

There are countless producers of pet products and services, all with the intent of ‘selling’ them to us, and we need to be just as skeptical about those as we are about every other item we purchase.

“You get what you pay for.”

Every service and product in our society has a cost. And, with every product or service, someone makes money. Cheaper just means LESS of something - less product, less service, less skill, less safety...

“Tried and true”

When it comes to your pet’s life long care, your VERY BEST BARGAIN is to develop a long standing relationship with a reputable veterinary hospital and allow licensed veterinary professionals to advise you in all regard.

Our furry friends are solely dependent upon us to make the best decisions on their behalf. This is an awesome responsibility so arm yourself with knowledge and seek advice and care from a trusted veterinarian first.

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  1. Great advice. Almost like found a real professional advice.